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Apr 29, 2015
Opening Night Limilita at Itz'ana

Opening Night at Limilita

Last month we welcomed friends and colleagues for the opening of our beachfront pop-up restaurant, Limilita. It was a resounding success – fantastic conversation had over local food prepared by our internationally-renowned chef on our beautiful waterfront property.

If you haven’t heard about it, you may be wondering… what is Limilita?

Limilita Beachfront Restaurant

When Itz’ana opens in late 2016, our main restaurant will be a local-inspired, sea-to-table experience called Limilia. The name comes from a Garifuna word meaning “fish”. The restaurant will pay homage to the Garifuna, the original inhabitants of this peninsula, with a focus on locally grown produce and fresh-caught seafood. Located on the ground floor of our Great House, it will overlook the pool and the beautiful Caribbean sea. A perfect setting for sunset dining.

Our team is focused on delivering a completely new experience never before seen in the world of boutique luxury property. Rather than waiting until next year to debut our vision, we opened a small test kitchen right there in the sand, and have named it Limilita! Every dish is cooked on the beach right in front of our guests, making for a wonderfully intimate experience. It’s just a small taste of what Limilia will be when it opens in 2016, but in just a few short weeks it’s already become the talk of Placencia.

Itz'ana Limilita Pop Up

In the coming months, Limilita will serve as an incubator for us to try different restaurant concepts. We’ve built our own grill and brick oven, and we’re planning to test out some traditional pibil recipes and play around with different methods of fire cooking in the near future.

We couldn’t have done it without Mara Jernigan, our Group Director of Food & Beverage, and chef extraordinaire. She has been the brain (and often brawn) behind the concept, and is cooking with her feet in the sand three nights a week. She serves a set four-course meal, and changes up her menu weekly. And, of course, each evening comes with a signature cocktail.

Limilita Beachfront Restaurant Placencia

All of the furniture for Limilita was made on site from reclaimed wood. We found floorboards and decking that weren’t being used and turned them into everything we needed, to ensure our footprint in the sand was very small. But that’s not the only local flavor you’ll find here! We’ve been really delighted with some of the weird and wonderful produce we’ve found in Southern Belize, and we’ve worked to incorporate these unique local flavors into our dishes.

So get down to Placencia, kick off your shoes and join us on the beach for an evening full of new & delicious experiences!

Limited reservations are available. Get in touch with to reserve your spot today!

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