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Aug 11, 2016

Beyond the Sea: Placencia’s Best Jungle Adventures

Just the word “Belize” conjures up images of cool Caribbean breezes, azure waters and soft sand beaches on a deserted caye. But if you haven’t experienced the rolling hills and jungles of Belize, you haven’t seen anything yet!

From cascading waterfalls and ancient Maya cities to lush mountainside cacao farms, there are endless opportunities for adventures beyond the beach.

Explore Belize

When you’re our guest at Itz’ana you gain personalized access to the best Belize has to offer. We chose to build our sanctuary in Placencia specifically because of its access to these unique experiences. Whether it’s adventure, culture or meeting new friends you’re seeking, we’ve made sure to curate the best of the best. From world-class guides to one-of-a-kind locales, we have you covered!

Here are just a few of the adventures we can’t wait to show you…

Mayan Cacao Farm

Maya Chocolate Tour in Belize

Once you have Mayan chocolate, it’s difficult to go back to the store bought stuff. Hop in a jeep and take a drive deep into the countryside, where the owners of the independent Ixcacao Caao Farm will guide you through the trees that give us everyone’s favorite plant and then show you how to make chocolate – the Maya way! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to grind stone on stone to create your very own chocolate bar. Gourmands from across the globe travel to taste a dessert this good. You’ll definitely want at least a dozen bars for the road.

Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve

Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve

That’s right: jaguars. Internationally recognized as the world’s only reserve for these beautiful animals, this spectacular place is just over an hour from Placencia. Waterfalls, nature trails, and and wildcat tracks are the main attractions – this is mother nature at her best. Follow your guide for a day of exploration you’ll never forget. Or, if you’re brave, spend the night in one of the cabins inside the park. You never know what you might see!

The Monkey River

Monkey River Belize

The 12 miles south of Placencia, the name gives away what this place is famous for. A subtropical rainforest along the banks of a river, with toucans soaring above you and iguanas lazing by the banks, this is truly a paradise. But it’s the monkeys you’re here to see – keep an ear out and you’ll hear them howling in the treetops before you see them. After your adventure stop by Monkey River Village, a sleepy town accessible only by boat, for a delicious lunch!

Nim Li Punit Maya Site

Maya Ruins Tour Placencia

No trip to Belize is complete without a visit to an ancient Mayan ruin. Nestled in the foothills of the Maya Mountains, this is a perfect tour for people of all ages. There are no strenuous climbs or multi-hour hikes here, and you’re guide will introduce you to the amazing civilization that thrived centuries ago, and still exists to this day.

Scarlet Macaw Tour

Scarlet Macaw Tour Placencia Belize

This one’s for the nature lovers! From February to April each year, these beautiful birds make a pilgrimage to this part of Belize to eat and mate. Along with many other bird species, you’ll enjoy a dip in the river while your guide cooks a meal over the fire.

And there’s more where that came from! Traditional Creole cooking classes, the infamous Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce tour, Garifuna drumming lessons… it’s absolutely impossible to have nothing to do in Placencia!

Beach at Itz'ana Placencia Belize

Unless, of course, that’s exactly what you came to do.

Let us be your guide to the best of Belize. Find out more here.

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